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Should I Get Dentures?

A perfect smile wins first impressions. Without even saying a word, smiling conveys a confident and friendly personality. But if you’ve lost a tooth or a few, you may never want to smile again. Missing teeth need immediate action. You should go to your dentist and have them checked out. You may need dentures so that you won’t risk any other more complications like losing additional teeth.

You should know that without support, your remaining healthy teeth will shift and move around as it becomes weaker. Without dentures, you’ll experience more problems such as difficulty in speaking and chewing certain food.

Affordable Dentures Madison WI

Just so you know, seniors such as your grandparents aren’t the only ones who need false teeth. Anyone who lost their teeth can get one, like those who had tooth decay, facial injuries, or gum disease. There are types of dentures according to different conditions - depending on how many teeth are missing.

  • Complete Dentures - It is the traditional full denture resting on the gums. It replaces the whole row of the upper teeth, lower teeth, or most often both. The dentures are made out of a plastic base where it is colored the same as the gum tissue - supporting a complete set of plastic or porcelain teeth depending on your preference.
  • Partial Dentures - Partial - meaning not all. This is intended for replacing one or a few missing teeth. It attaches to other existing teeth by using clasps or rests measured to coincide with the natural teeth. It can be made of a plastic base or with a metal framework that would support the number of teeth needed. Today, various materials are used to provide more durable, flexible alternatives for dentures. Some options might be costly, but there are affordable dentures Madison WI that are available.
  • Fixed partial Dentures - This prosthetic denture restoration is also called dental bridges. It is permanently anchored or mechanically screwed to tooth roots. Its purpose is to fill in gaps by one or a few missing teeth. It has gotten its name from how it seems like a bridge filling the spaces of the missing teeth. Only dental professionals can remove a fixed partial denture.

You may experience early warning signs that can lead you to get dentures. If you’re currently suffering from these issues, you may want to book an appointment as soon as possible.

  • You have alarming toothaches - You may have an occasional toothache from biting into a sweet cookie, but if the pain doesn’t go away after a few hours, this could be a signal. A substantial toothache may be a cause of a nerve acting out - giving you severe discomfort. See your dentist and check if it can be saved with a root canal. But if the tooth has decayed, it may require a dental implant or dentures.
  • You have severely swollen gums - Having red and swollen gums is usually the early stages of gum disease. You have no worries since it can easily be treated and caught if you visit the dentist regularly. However, if left untreated, it may have progressed to bone and teeth loss. You’re going to resort to dentures if it comes too far.
  • You find it difficult to chew food - This is one indicator that you might need dentures because of your painful chewing. Difficulty in chewing food means your teeth might have heavy damage. Loose or moving teeth are signs of decay.

A bright, beautiful smile does not just attract and impress others but also indicates overall good health. If you need dentures, consult with an amazing dentist in Madison to have the best smile. However, if you don’t like the idea of getting false teeth, you should consult a great smiles dentist for more options on treating your dental concerns.

Affordable Dentures Madison WI

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