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Do You Have a Dental Emergency?

Have you ever experienced a dental problem in the middle of the night? Or you cracked a tooth on a holiday or weekend? When these problems occur, your dentist is your first call. However, with urgent cases after office hours, you’ll need to call a 24 hour dentist Madison WI to deal with your dental issue.

Then again, you might want to take a step back and consider what exactly is a dental emergency. Since not every painful situation is a need for urgent dental care Madison, you must recognize what those severe cases are. Ask yourself the following questions if you're facing any emergencies:

1. Are you feeling extreme pain?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, rate your pain. If you rate 8-9, then it’s an emergency since you’re feeling the maximum intensity of pain.

2. Did you lose a tooth?

Immediate action can possibly save the tooth or prevent it from getting to worse conditions.

3. Is your mouth bleeding?

It is a potential sign if the bleeding wouldn’t stop. There are times when bleeding is normal after hard brushing or flossing. It may just be a sign of gingivitis. But if it is continuously bleeding even when pressure is applied, you probably have a deep wound that requires dental emergency Madison WI treatment.

4. Do you feel any loose teeth?

Even without pain, if you have a loose tooth is considered a major problem. Adults should never have any loose teeth. But, if they do, they need to seek dental care. If not taken immediate care of, then this loose tooth might fall off or worse.

Do you have a mouth infection?

The word infection itself is already terrifying. What more if you have it in your mouth? It is potentially critical, and treatment shouldn’t be delayed.

If you answered yes to one or a few of these questions, then you are facing a dental emergency. If you experience this behind your dentist’s office hours, go to an emergency dentist or the ER so that your needs would have immediate action and it wouldn’t aggravate.

Dental Emergency Madison WI

Two of the Most Common Dental Emergencies

There are safety measures for common dental problems to reduce the risks of getting it worse until you get to the ER.  

A Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth

If you have your tooth knocked out, you can still ask your dentist if it is possible to reinsert and preserve your tooth.

  • Look where your tooth has fallen and carefully pick the top or crowning. Don't even try to touch the root of your tooth.
  • Rinse the tooth off for any blood and dirt and make sure it is clean. Don’t scrub it, or you might remove the tissue attached to it.
  • Dry it out with a soft towel and keep it in a small container.
  • Bring it to your dentist and have it reinserted. The longer it takes for you to re-implant it, the less chance you’ll have the tooth back in its socket.

Cracked or Fractured Teeth

If you cracked or chipped a tooth, best hope it’s not painful. If it’s going to take a few days to see your dentist, be careful in chewing your food. Depending on the severity, your dentist can smooth the chip out or add composite filling as repair.

A fractured tooth means there is damage on the inside and outside of your tooth’s structure. It is a major emergency as the tooth may not be saved. Call for an emergency appointment and prepare yourself with the following:

  • Gently gargle warm water to clean your mouth.
  • Get an ice pack or apply a cold compress to minimize the swelling if the fracture is caused by facial trauma.
  • Head to the emergency dentist immediately.

Avoid having a dental emergency by taking care of your oral health. Regular checkups can prevent dental problems that can gravely harm your overall health.

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