Pediatric Dentistry Madison WI


Pediatric Dentists and Their Services

Pediatric dentistry Madison WI is a branch that focuses on treating any dental needs of young people. Pediatric dentists or pedodontists are the ones who provide complete dental care from babies to adolescents. Children begin to develop baby teeth as early as their first six months, and by age six or seven, they start losing their primary teeth. They eventually grow their new permanent teeth, and all those processes need proper dental care from a children’s dentist Madison WI.

Without any proper dental care and attention, kids can face potential oral decay and develop a disease that may harm and cause painful complications in the long run.

Every child is unalike; that’s why pediatric dentists have different approaches to help a child engage in dental treatment. While some kids develop dental anxiety and fear of dentists, it is important to welcome and orient them about oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry Madison WI

Start them young they say; introduce them to your family dentist Madison WI to avoid developing fear in dental procedures or the dentist himself. Having routine checkups will provide comfort and protect them from future dental dilemmas.

Here are some services to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy:

  • Dental Cleaning The importance of dental hygiene should be imparted at a very young age. Kids should understand that brushing alone is not enough to keep their teeth and gums clean. Their pediatric dentist will make their teeth stronger and healthier with regular cleaning appointments.

    Pediatric dental hygienists show children how to properly brush their teeth and floss. This will help them develop a regimen that the kids can carry into adulthood. Also, they use this time to educate kids about different dental instruments to eliminate fear and stress in such dental appointments.
  • Dental Fillings This procedure is a dental restoration where composites or fillings are used. It is made up of non-toxic substances primarily quartz, ceramic, or silica. This can be used on front or back teeth that withstand moderate pressure from chewing.
  • Dental Sealants It protects the indented and eroded surfaces of your kid’s teeth from bacteria. They are usually on the chewing surfaces at the back, where most cavities are prevalent in children
  • Dental X-rays Your kid needs to be X-rayed to detect more diseases, not just cavities. Your child might be suffering from erupting teeth, bone disease, or any jaw injury that you are not aware of. Through X-rays, dentists can diagnose and treat such conditions that weren’t detected by the naked eye.
  • Fluoride Treatments Fluoride is an active ingredient that can be found in many dental products. With fluoride treatments, it can help prevent your kid’s tooth decay.
  • Tooth Extractions This procedure is done by removing the tooth from the socket in the alveolar bone. You’ll only resort to tooth extractions if your kid is suffering from tooth decay, periodontal disease, or orthodontic needs.
  • Dental Crown It is a dental restoration that covers the tooth by restoring its natural size and shape. This will strengthen and protect it from further cracking and breaking. Dental crowns are needed when a tooth is damaged by decay where composite or filling cannot be an option.
  • Root canal on Primary Teeth This is a procedure you wouldn’t want your kids to go through. Removing the tooth’s nerve and pulp is painful. But performing a root canal can repair and save a damaged tooth. If the tooth is left untreated, it will become a worse infection and might cause abscesses.
  • Oral Health Exams This exam will determine your child’s overall dental health. The pediatric dentist will check your child’s teeth, jaw, and oral tissues. An oral health exam is good for early detection of complications or abnormalities that may generate dental problems as they grow of age.
Pediatric Dentistry Madison WI

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